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A perfect fusion of lighting and circus The masterpiece "Dragon Show" of Zhuhai Chimelong Theatre shocks performance

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the return of Macau and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Chimelong Group, the Zhuhai Chimelong Theatre, which has attracted much attention from all walks of life, was the first to officially open on July 26. The entire design plan of Zhuhai Chimelong Theatre is in charge of the British team. The overall design is inspired by the traditional circus marquee. The red, yellow, and blue vertical lines create a joyful and changeable visual experience.

As a brand-new cultural tourism landmark, the design of Changlong Theater reflects the cutting-edge and practicality of intelligent technology. Intelligent computer lamps that realize real-time lifting are used on site. Among them, the Colorful electronics fully supports most lamps. Among them, 180 sets of architectural lighting lamps GSARC DOT M series are provided to light up this new large-scale circus with the light of technology. The multi-screen panoramic surround technology will redefine and integrate elements such as stage beauty, lighting, and sound to the extreme, making the plot atmosphere more compact.


According to Li Xining, executive director of "Dragon Show" at Changlong Theater, in order to better express the spirit of Chinese dragon struggle, Changlong Theater innovatively and perfectly integrates the design concept of "water, land and air", with up to 41 parade floats. Appearing in front of the audience, a variety of aerial lifting equipment, water flower boats, double curtains and other effects can be flexibly converted in different scenarios, bringing unique performance effects and giving the invisible "dragon" image to the tangible presentation of the theater interior. With 6700 spectator seats, spectators can experience an unparalleled visual experience.


"Dragon Show" story background:


The plot of "Dragon Show" is mainly adapted from Zhuhai folk tales. The story tells the story of the seven princesses of the South China Sea Dragon King transformed into a "fisher girl", met and fell in love with the boy Haipeng, experienced the four-fold space test, and finally found the golden dragon and happiness.


The play is divided into four chapters. The two bravely pursued happiness traveled through the blue ocean kingdom, the green forest kingdom, the yellow desert kingdom, and the red volcano kingdom, and finally won the golden dragon symbolizing the true meaning of love. The five elements are interspersed among them.


"Dragon Show" combines traditional circus with stage performances. This is a new breakthrough and attempt to traditional circus. This is another milestone and new masterpiece of Chimelong International Performing Arts. At the same time, "Dragon Show" is also an international show, which combines acrobatics, dance, magic, extreme sports, vocal music, synchronized swimming and other art categories. It brings together more than 30 teams and more than 300 people from 22 countries. Excellent circus artists from the country performed this big production together.


A perfect fusion of lighting and circus The masterpiece
A perfect fusion of lighting and circus The masterpiece
A perfect fusion of lighting and circus The masterpiece