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Good news丨Excellent employees of Colorful Lighting won the seventh "Golden Goose Star" award in Panyu Distric
Recently, the 7th "Golden Goose Star" commendation meeting for outstanding personnel in Panyu District was successfully held in the district conference center. After extensive launching, serious recommendation, qualification review, and voting review by the review committee from various departments and towns (streets) , And finally selected 113 "Golden Goose Stars".

Among them, two outstanding employees of Colorful Lighting (Comrade Liu Shiling from the Purchasing Department and Comrade Chen Zhiqiang from the R&D Center) were on the list and won the honor of "Golden Goose Star" in the 7th Panyu District visitor!


"Golden Goose Star" Selection Activity

The "Golden Goose Star" selection activity is a service brand dedicated to caring for Lai-sui personnel created by the Panyu District Committee and the district government.

The sense of security is more substantial, more secure, and more sustainable.


The activity is carried out every two years, and 113 outstanding personnel are selected for each session. Seven sessions have been held since 2006. A total of 791 employees have won this honor. Among them, 8 employees from Colorful Light have won the "Golden Goose Star".

Outstanding personnel who have been awarded the title of "Golden Goose Star" can enjoy relevant government preferential policies, and their school-age children can enjoy preferential policies for admission to public schools in our district, and they will be given priority to recommend candidates to participate in the superior evaluation and participate in political affairs.


Among the "Golden Goose Stars" are medical personnel who rescue the dead, police personnel who can guarantee the safety of the country, scientific researchers who are brave to pioneer, teachers who are willing to contribute, sanitation workers who are not afraid of hardship, and young people of the age who are entrepreneurial and innovative. There are volunteers who are enthusiastic about public welfare and key personnel from all walks of life.

Although they have different occupations and different identities, they all show the style of the times that the vast number of people coming to Guangzhou love Panyu, work hard and serve the society.


Colorful Light expressed warm congratulations to the two outstanding employees who received the honor, and set an example for all employees of the company to learn from. At the same time, the company will continue to focus on the cultivation of talents and provide a better working environment and opportunities to show oneself. It is hoped that through the platform of colored red lights, the staff in Guangzhou will gain a sense of identity and continue to contribute to the company’s business development, Panyu District economic construction and Guangzhou Make new contributions to the economic development of the country, create new achievements, and achieve a new leap!

Good news丨Excellent employees of Colorful Lighting won the seventh
Good news丨Excellent employees of Colorful Lighting won the seventh
Good news丨Excellent employees of Colorful Lighting won the seventh